[Question] Future of Image Links

Hello all, I am a huge Teamspeak fan, trying out the new beta has given me new hope for the program. The question I have today is about image links. I see in the new client you are able to post images through Giphy and URL title links, but I don’t see how to post any original local or cloud uploaded images. I’m assuming if this isn’t possible now it will be in the future of TS5? In the past the only way I identified to upload images was through turning on the servers upload function. Is this still going to be the only way or will TS5 have a better system? I know there are plenty of posts already asking about image uploading on TS, I am posting this because I saw no response to how it will work on the new TS client. (sorry if this is already answered, just real eager to figure it out)

PS: Big fan of the new client keep up the good work devs!!

Thanks a bunch,

Currently if you use the new messaging groups (not the channel chat on a TS3 server) you can paste images right into the chat., or select a file and it will upload and sent directly to the contact or group.

I do not know if there is a plan to integrate that with the TS3 servers, though if there is I would hope that there will be a permission each server admin would have control of, both in allowing it and in setting quota limits.