Question: Possibility of deleting multiple clients at once?

I am in a server which has over 1000 unique clients who are no longer affiliated with the group and have remained in our server due to lack of “clean up crew” so to speak. Is there a way I can select multiple clients at a time and delete them from the server instead of just searching for them in the List All Clients, deleting them one by one?

As far as I know, there is no way to efficiently delete multiple users from the database using the client …

If they have the same part in the nickname, you could search for this, mark the clients that should be deleted and then delete them all at once.

If the clients have similarities such as If you have a server group or you have a list of nicknames, I would say that you can of course delete them with a little algorithm… (That’s probably how I would do it …)

But I think that it is not absolutely necessary to delete the users at all - why not just leave them in the db?

There’s no pressing need to do it, I’m just particular about how cluttered I feel the server groups are.