Random TS5 Client crashes with Linux

with the TS5 client I have the problems of random crashes. The client just closes.
I have tried this with Pop!_OS 21.4 (Debian) and EndeavourOS (Arch). Also tried it with Gnome and Cinnamon.
If I start the Client with the console as the crash is happening I get the following lines and a coredump is written

free(): invalid next size (fast
Abgebrochen (Speicherabzug geschrieben)

This problem was there at least since February, in every version I tested since then (skipped maybe 1 or 2 patches). Is there a way to start the client with more verbosity?

Hmmm, I never had such problems.
Did this happen recently? There was a fix not long ago for some memory leaks. (But I doubt that this is related.)
Could you tell us a whether there is something specific you do before the crash?
Also can you provide the cef.log around the time when the crash happens?
Even though it won’t be of much use could you provide the crashdump so we can at least see where the crash happens?


It happened in all versions I’ve tested since February.
Sometimes it happens when using Push-To-Talk but sometimes it just happens while gaming and not pressing any TS-Buttons.
Where do I find the cef.log?
I will upload the coredump as soon as I get on my pc this weekend.

Edit: Uploaded the coredump

Still the same problems after the latest patch :confused:
Even if I just sit there and don’t press any push-to-talk buttons.

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