Realized I had the beta, friends did not

So my 3 friends and I all signed up for the Teamspeak beta access all at the same time a long time ago because we all have been waiting on the new Teamspeak so we can ditch Discord.

Problem is, I never got an email about any beta keys or anything. I just actually checked the website to see how the progress was going, and seen the little ad that says that Teamspeak is now in beta so I decided to check if I had access, I just thought it was an open beta type thing. I told them about it and they checked the site as well, but didn’t have the beta badge that I have.

Is there anything I can do to get them on the platform? Like I said, we all signed up at the same time but they said the emails they’re trying to use aren’t even being recognized but they only use the same email so I don’t really understand. If I could get some help regarding this, that would be great.

When was the Registrations?

What? I have no idea, but I know my other account I had, I had registered for the beta in early 2019.

Beyond registering for the closed beta, did your friends ever switch their myTS Email? This could be the reason why they haven’t received access yet.


Thanks for the reply.

Nah they were arguing with me about it when I asked and they have only ever used one email. Not sure if you guys even sent out emails to let people know that they had access to the beta but I never got an email. I just kinda found out by checking how the progress was going. :stuck_out_tongue:

Emails were sent out up to January 2020 (this was for the original beta registration period). Beyond this we switched how we did this: Closed beta access (Some of the original post info is out of date now, but updates were posted further down. We also advertised “waves” on social media as well for beta access).