Recovery key German

Hello, I just bought a TS. I have not received an email with the recovery key.
But TS keeps asking for it.

What do you mean with you bought a TS? Can you send a Screenshot of the Recovery Message please?

So the TeamSpeak client is free to use. You can rent servers.
If the client asks you for a recovery key, that is because you changed your password. If you do not have this recovery key anymore you will need to perform a fallback. Then all your encrypted data, like identities, bookmarks, hotkey profiles, etc will be lost. There is no other way. You got this recovery key when creating your myTeamSpeak account.



Is on german

I have ordered a TeamSpeak server and have not received an email with the recovery key

As I said above, this is not related to the server at all.
If you click on this notification a window will open where you can enter the recovery key of your myTeamSpeak account or perform a fallback.