Regarding reporting a teamspeak server for hate

There’s a teamspeak server I know about that hangs out people and groups and I wonder if this is even allowed?
There’s a list out of about 40 people that is called “top 40 assholes” and there’s about 40 people mentioned by ingame names and sometimes with some extra ad hominems.
This teamspeak also has description of channels of entire outfits/clans that is called the cancer of a server.

Is this even allowed? To hang out people an clans this way?

their server, their rules :confused:

So teamspeak don’t care how their software is used?
For an extreme example, would it be allowed to have a teamspeak server that spreads pure racist hate messages, pointing out people who are of color in a game?
There’s not any laws against this in countries either? What you say and spread on internet…

It’s like @Stefan92 said. It’s not TeamSpeak’s fault how some people use their software. They cannot control every person using their software as, firstly, it would be against any laws and secondly, is impossible.

Same with eg. money. Some people use it to buy illegal stuff and it’s nearly impossible to control every single coin/banknote.

Yeah, they can blacklist (oh no, bad word) such servers, but then there will be 10 more like that.

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That’s to bad. I’m pretty sure Discord has such rules to prevent bad stuff like that.
Thanks for the response.