Report Teamspeak Server

I want to report this server, they have fake license.
They have Version TeaSpeak on Linux and License Activation.

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Pleas send piracy reports to [email protected] .
Here on forum we can not solve these.


Good night guys, I want to make a report of a teamspeak server. This one has a fake license, that is, it is a “TeaSpeak” with 100 slots and as far as I know it was purchased in Canada. I would like you to do something to this teamspeak please. I have a print here to show you.

Prove: Screenshot by Lightshot

Can we also report the market / buying of Badges there? /cc @Rikku stole this key: 6L736NMVS9

Whoa, wait, what do you mean by

You know that calling someone a thief without any reason is, well, not seen as good?

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I’ve got Screenshot.

Report me… but it is now 10 Months ago. And badges must be free. And you are selling badges on a another Forum. How can you be so greedy for money and sell badges? @d0s3
You schould be ashamed!

But weren’t you involved in the using of cracked licenses too? :thinking:

No, you can’t do that. There’s real cyber fraud which we should worry about, but NONE here does give a single care about some badges which are not even used to get sold. Badges are never used to be sold, and some forums do hopefully restrict that.

But if you have no other way, to “earn” some money… ¯(°_o)/¯

That’s running out of topic way too much, isn’t it?
but I don’t think so

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Pointing out the hypocrisy of complaining about people selling badges and him being involved in cracked licenses.

@EnigmaPatrick your server also violates the NPL rules

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Pipe down lad, It’s a sponsored server. We’re waiting on TeamSpeak to finish the Sponsorship license but other things have taken priority.

as long as you don’t have a sponsor’s license or an official response from the staff you are considered a violator


We’re officially sponsored, we have our own link provided by TeamSpeak.

You can brain-dead claim “YoUr SeRvEr AlSo ViOlAtEs ThE nPl RuLeS” without actually looking if you want but maybe you should go back to helping people abuse bugs.



grabs popcorn :popcorn:



You may try this step.


Version:3.12.1 Linux
Lizenz:Host Provider Lizenz
Online seit:0 Stunden 31 Minuten 38 Sekunden

Aktuelle Clients:2 / 120
Aktuelle Channel:55
FileBrowser:0 files (0 Bytes)

If you want to report a server, submit a ticket for piracy to TeamSpeak Support.
The forum is the wrong place for this.