Robotic Voices


I am using the 3.5.5 and 64 bit version of Teamspeak 3. These days when I get low fps or fps drop in game the voices in teamspeak getting robotic. My voice goes robotic to them the same way. There wasn’t such a thing 1 month ago. Also there is nothing wrong when the server has 100 people. But when there are people more than 200 in the server I am having this problem. I tried to set priority high but it didn’t worked. I don’t care to have low fps in game I just don’t want to get robotic voices anymore. What can I do to solve this problem?

In that case, the problem may be located anywhere between your computer and the TeamSpeak server on the other end. Possible explanations include:

  • insufficient Internet bandwidth
  • weak or overloaded WiFi connection
  • bad routing between Internet Service Provider and TeamSpeak server host
  • TeamSpeak server geographically too far away

In some cases, the problem could also be caused by bad audio hardware or drivers.