RP soundboard crash

Hello, I have a problem with the RP soundboard, whenever I play songs, my voice automatically increases while playing songs, but only for listeners, I’m fine. It’s not a mistake for me, because when someone also plays songs through the RP soundboard, it roars terribly, but the DJ still has the same quality and it doesn’t move with the sound. Please help.

client version?
server version?

try the following while listen music:

  • set the channel codec to opus music
  • codec sound quality set to 6 (try not set the max(10) quality)
  • check the volume bars ( if values greater than +6 db will negatively affect the audio quality)
  • disbled the agc
  • check users client version is up to date

TS3 version - 3.5.3
RP soundboard version - 1.4.1

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