Server 3.12.0 [Beta]

Logs and crash dump please?

It does crash is not much detail for us.

I don’t know where to upload on this forum.!i6IBmIpa!0Nmg4K_7QRrNAesQMSSpGqWmMUFgmrMMDV5nN3FMrHM

Thanks. Forwarded it to our developers.
I will report back then.

Meanwhile we suggest that you use version 3.11.0.

How can I have 3.11.0? I am connected on the server I see 3.12.0-beta1. In logs is 3.12.0-beta1, and I can run the http API.

The server works fine when http is not enabled?

I misunderstood that. Thought it always does crash.
In that case do not enable http and wait for our response. Ignore the 3.11.0 part.


Works fine.

One thing that I forgot to mention
I created new key apikeyadd scope=manage lifetime=0
I send command curl -H 'x-api-key: BAD7xraIzreMuY8EVylb8GyCRmpDWEF53IwLa72' 'http://api.mydomain.tld/gm?msg=Hello+World'
Server crashed. After restart the API key still exists in apikeylist, but when I try to use it the key is invalid. Still exits but is invalid after the crash.

Could you please download the 64 bit version again and start a fresh server for tests?
Something is wrong with attached crashdumps. They seem to be created with a 32bit system/binary but should be 64bit.

Maybe files in server are mixed up and caused whatever happened there.

The api key is stored in the database soon it was created. the only way to make it invalid then is a broken database.

After re-update it seems all good. So probably I am only idiot and I messed up the first installation.

Another crash!KvIBUK5b!PSyow3kJJNqQ_nNr-jF6UKthfsdO-vZdTiO7oHebrLk
After crash, key is invalid

We can reproduce the crash but not that the key is invalid after the server did crash.
Maybe this is not relevant at all after the fix.

Meanwhile do not hammer in the same commands to fast to avoid the crash.


We just released a new beta version (updated Download and docker command in main post).

This one does fix the crash and an issue with the whitelist.
And we removed the POPCNT check form any Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD. It’s only needed for Windows.


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3.12.0 Beta 3 was uploaded :slight_smile:

As requested by some of you we did add HTTPS support for the WebQuery.

These parameters are needed to enable the feature.
And you must add your own .pem files to make it work.


This command can be used to create a own certification on Linux .

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -nodes -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem -days 365

We also fixed following bugs in that version.

  • Snapshots did not restore channel and channel-client permissions
  • POPCNT still was needed on the Windows 32-bit version

Download link, Changelog and Docker can be found in first post.



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Thank you for the New Update. :slight_smile:

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for MariaDB Teamspeaks all of them have this information when someone want create an APIKEY in 3.12 beta3.

apikeyadd scope=manage lifetime=0
error id=1280 msg=database\serror

Structure for database is non modified and we checked all of it, there is columns and indexes correct way.
Please let me know, when it’s gonna fix it. Permissions also been checked and nothing helps us, on every database from MariaDB that problem occur.

Wouldn’t a WebSocket Server be a better option to go with? Because you can then also have the ability to e.g. use the “servernotifyregister” option… And I think a lot of people would support this idea.

Yes it would be better but would take much more time. so we decided to start it that way and to have the other option later.


Can not reproduce this on MariaDB 10.4.11.
The table api_keys is generated for me and writes the key on creation.

Are you sure that you did overwrite all files during the update from 3.11 to this beta?

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