Server 3.13.0 [Beta]

I would like to kindly remind you this is a “Beta” build. I’d suggest to take a backup when testing such builds. If you’d like to remain on a stable build then I don’t think beta builds are for you.

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I know that this is a beta, hence the question

I think its time to change the web serverlist so server owners can add a domain/subdomain and allow the server owners to hide the IP of the server it’s not that hard to do and you guys still see the server IP and for the license and we can get the server more secure and more protection against DDoS … and more…
It’s 2020 … please …

fix the channel permission i_client_poke_power
don’t know why if I set it to -9999999 the users still can send a poke to other users on the server

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Because this only counts for this one channel only and not for others.

@anyone else the web list has nothing to do wit this server release!

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Can only reproduce the password part here. But i can join a channel when i enter the right one.

A server restart and now i can reproduce more.

What we can not reproduce is that the password is wrong part. If we enter the password it is accepted.


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Maybe a more descriptive name makes sense? afaik this list is used to circumvent rate limits and not for exclusive allows, so something like


After a client restart, when i type the passwords works fine - maybe something went wrong for that moment. So we still have the issue with the ignore passwords and the maxclients - inherited maxclients.

I’m a little concerned by this. I used to copy the admin server query group into a new server group, just for the sake of easily giving myself full access to my server. Do I take this to mean that this has been disallowed and completely locked down?

No. You still can copy the permissions into a normal server group.

This only means you no longer can set a ServerQuery group as a default template group for virtual servers. These templates are only needed when you create a new virtual server or did a permreset in an existing virtual server.
This was a bug and could break the database.


Ahh, no worries. Thanks very much for clarifying! :slight_smile:

Hey Chris, would it not be best to let people know about this in the “Known issues” section?

Had it something in draft but never send it. I did it know.


Beta.2 is live.

Download and latest changelog can be found in main post on Top.
Changelog here on forum is newer then delivered within the server!


Everything looks normal until now. Thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

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Tested… seems worked fine for me. :slight_smile:

Untill now, with beta1, no memory leak. Something like +10MB of RAM with 4 days of uptime.
Testing now beta2. I will give some feedback here soon.


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Question, when we update the MMDB file, will the server pick up on that change automatically or does the server need to be restarted before it refreshes the data in memory?

Hello, when you install a new update it is strongly advised to stop the server to replace the files then to restart

The Geo IP database is loaded on server instance start.
Wen you change or remove the MaxMind database then a restart is needed.

@Karazhan is that a question or ? Doesn’t really fit to a post from above.