Server Admin identity on multiple devices. Nickname changes if connecting with same user

Hi, I would like to use TS client for android to manage the server, all is ok, installed and configured, moved my main admin identity to android device, and it’s connecting as admin, but the problem is that the TS creates another instance of the user. So if on my desktop I will connect as nickname “John”, on my android if I’ll connect simultaneously I will become as “John1”.

Is it possible to configure server so it will keep only one instance of the same user, kicking out old user?


Nope, this is not possible.
There is a setting like max_connections (no idea how it’s actually called). If this is set to 1 you will only be able to connect with one instance. Thus if your PC is already connected your phone won’t be able to connect. You could maybe configure a bot to kick the first instance if it detects a new one with the same uuid. (This may also be possible via a simple plugin.)

Thanks. Can you please just point me to the first step how to configure that bot?

well… Discourse hates large code blocks…

So here’s my answer:

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