Server Discoverability System

An all new, simplified way to search for and find servers of interest.

Obviously, you can set yours to be unsearchable if you’d prefer.


So how can the servers be discovered? Are you going to use server nicknames in search or something else.


That’s one way yes, I can’t at the moment show you what else we have planned because we’re discussing many ideas, if you have any you’d like us to consider then let us know.

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I think searching servers, additionally to the usual parameters you can find in TS3), via tags that server owners can set (in a finite quantity I suppose, 3 to 5 maybe) could be useful, to find like-minded individuals.

Maybe flags (“Looking for people/players”, “Everyone welcome”, “Application/Invitation needed”, “Closed community” for example) could be an interesting idea.


You know, having a server list would be very convenient and much appreciated. It is fine as it is, and there’s absolutely no reason to coplicate things.

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