Server Displaying Badges

So I am apart of a teamspeak server that for some reason, doesn’t display the client-side badges. Then I go to another server where I can see everyone’s badges.

Server that doesn’t show:

Server that shows:

So how do I make it so I can see everyone else’s badges?

Server is using invalid license such as :coffee:speak :smiley:

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What do you mean “Invalid license”

Not original one provided by Teamspeak itself

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So, is it possible to change that or not?

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Not really. If you use a valid license it will be shown.

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I am guessing if I am using a hosting service to host the server it wouldn’t be using the right license key?

Could also just be blocked outgoing ports…
Not necessarily invalid / illegal license.

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Any fix for this?

Only the server owner can fix this.

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And how would the owner fix this?

Check there Server version, i am on a TS that’s at 3.3.0 which doesn’t show me the badges and the newest version is something like 3.12.
The old servers don’t support this feature and anything above 3.5 shows the badges if i remember correctly

simply by updating the server to the newest version, at least that’s worth a try

He can:

  1. Check for updates
  2. Open the outgoing ports (2008 TCP and 443 TCP)
  3. Ditch the illegal license.

It’s gotta be one of those - NOT ALL

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ditch illegal license but it can also be a thing cause I’ve seen it dosen times :slight_smile: