Server does shutdown with my license

Hello, i have license key. I bought it on july 2020 and i have 5 months more.
I didnt use it maybe 2 months but now i need it.
I will use it on new host and different ip address.
When i restart the server and make the slots 64, 30 seconds after that i got this message:
" Server has been shut down: Server Shutdown!".
Without licensekey everything is fine, but i need 64 slots.
Old server is stopped and im 100% sure, because the old VPS is reinstalled by me.
Can you help me guys ? What i must to do ?

Read server log 0 why it was shutdown.


2021-02-02 10:51:37.844383|ERROR |Accounting | |too many virtualservers running, shutting down!

Can i stop if anyone using my licenskey ? I cant understand i didnt use this licensekey 2 months.

So some server still does use the license.
If it’s not you then someone else or something you forgot does it.

To make the license invalid you must contact. our sales department.

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Thank you brother! <3