Server group icon does not update

I noticed that the server groups icon does not remove after removal in the new TeamSpeak client. Only after restarting the client it worked.

Here is a little video about it:

poke @TS.ChrisR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Known issue in older clients and still can reproduce in b66.
But in internal b67 this is fixed already. Please wait for b67 to be released as beta.


Alright :pray:

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this isn’t fixed in b69, sometimes when server group icons are changed it still does not update until restart

Can’t reproduce this any longer.

Please give a how to about what you are doing to get this.


recently updated all icons on our server using ts3, some users requested changing some of the icons back to the old ones. reverted the change for some so that they were now the original icons again, but the new icons persisted to show on users that were then currently connected using ts5 until they restarted client. verified using my own install of both.

Nope still can not reproduce this.

All icons update immediately with latest ts3 server and client b69 / b70.


I have had the same problem, but it was due to my Virtuell Server lagging.

i honestly don’t know what other info i can give to reproduce this other than that it wasn’t the latest ts3 but 3.3.2, as the other user said i guess it could have been due to server lag or a disparity in when the request was sent server side. all i can say is that when reverting icons on ts3 they stayed the same on ts5, i guess i can also add that the server was 3.13.6.