Server group icons too big


I’ve gotten into a new teamspeak and my server group icons are way to big compared to other teamspeak server that I am connected too, any idea why or how I can fix this? Nobody else on the server has the same issue.
New server(Issue, big icons):

Old Server(No Issue):

I have a few questions for you:

  • What are the versions of both servers?
  • What is you current client version?
  • Do you have any plugins or themes installed, which could cause this issue?
  • Are just the icons way bigger or the whole server tree?

Server of big icons: Version:3.13.6 Linux
Server with normal Icons: Version:3.12.1 Linux
I use Version:3.5.6 [Stable] Windows
No plugins or themes.
Only Icons are bigger, not the whole server tree.

Can you share your client log?

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