Server group with different icons

Is it possible to set up a group with different icons that the user can choose himself?
Then a name for the icon, which is displayed.
As an alternative from certain groups, only one can be selected, the others are deactivated.
If there is this option, I am grateful for information.

Many greetings

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If you set up correctly your permissions system, this is possible if I understood what you need.
You have to select a default guest group with enough power to grant himself (so needed power accordingly) the permissions you can assign yourself as a new user, then these permissions won’t have enough power to add more groups (guest group is temporary and will be removed).
For the icons and name just set these permissions’ names and icons accordingly.

Hope it helped you, feel free to ask any other help

I currently have 12 groups.
Warlocks Mages etc.
You can select all of them at the same time.
However, only one of the 12 groups should be displayed.
Most pay attention, but some click on everything they have played once.

Many greetings

Just set the group add power of these permission at a lower level so they can’t add more