Server problem, error filedatetime

Hello, today there was an error in the logs on my server. How can this be fixed? Can anyone help.

The server TS3 is on version: 3.13.3
Operating system: Debian 9

The error in the server logs is given below:
2021-03-24 11:26:05.593835|ERROR |FileHelp | |Error getting FileDateTime There is no such file or directory

Thank you and best regards, Kuba. :grinning:

A file or folder on the system does not give back the information when it was last modified.

Possibly the file/folder may be broken or has characters inside the operation system does not like.


Hello, @TS.ChrisR
What do i have to do then?

Thank you and best regards, Kuba. :grinning:

You should check the files and folder if they’re broken or have missing modified date (do not know how linux does this).
And Check the names of the files/folders.

Can not give you a solution. I do not have any.