Server Rules

i wonder if there was a way that allow us to force the user of teamspeak to check that they have read the server rules before they can get access to the server rooms.
that’s it have a good time
Edit: i wonder if there is a way that allow us to make like an announcement channel and a channel that only shows how many players are connected to the server
also if there is a way to create a game selection with rooms included

You could in theory make a bot, which sits in rules channel and pulls clients into same channel, who have not read the rules and releases them when they have written in same channel that they have read the rules.
Same with the channel that shows how many people are connected, the bot would edit channel name as people connect and disconnect, if i understood your question correctly.

This is about the same as the general terms and conditions in any application. It pops up for everyone but no one reads it, it just clicks on the okay / accept button. xD

useless function…anyone who clicks on the virtual server can see how many / how many users are up there

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