Server shutdowns when I try to attach license key

We got a license key from TeamSpeak Sponsorship Program on December.

I never shared it with anybody (100%) and nobody ever used it.
I had a server running so I didn’t use it until now, and now when I try to use it, the server immediately shuts down (after 30 seconds or so)

2022-02-18 00:51:17.392693|ERROR |Accounting | |too many virtualservers running, shutting down!

Any possibility the license is not valid now since it was sent to us 2 months ago, or what’s the issue here?

Wild guess:
You did not stop the old server or you killed the process. So the old one is still registered for the next 2 hours in accounting.

There was never an old server, this is the first time I used the license
But even that, I waited 10 hours and set up everything from scratch, still same error

I used ./ stop

That was the right command in case you did not use the minimal script to start it :slight_smile:

So then setup slots in server are higher than license allows. But here the virtual server should not even start.
Or this license is in use elsewhere.

That’s what i can say from tech support side.

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We have 128 slots on License and we were only using 32

It couldn’t have been used anywhere else. Only I had the license key, I never shared it, I never used it in the past. Is there a way you can check if it possibly is being used somewhere else (I don’t believe this is the case)?

Any idea how can I solve this? Who should I contact?

I can’t check this. Only our Sales department can see which servers are contacting us with your license. > Sales & Licensing

when contacting them make sure you use the same e-mail address as in the license and tell them the account number :slight_smile:

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