Server shuting down after 1 min

hey guys i got an db bug so i just reinstall the server and saved : channels,premission groups and server settings tables so then I just import it to the new server db but when i start the server after 1 min the server shutdown the server automatically with this error log :

i not have more then 2 servers on 1 license and not 2 ts3 servers on 1 machine !
people said to me i need to wait 3 hours until teamspeak sync her servers but i got this issue for 6 hours !
how can i solve this issue ?

Update :
i try to install the server in other vps and i got same issue

Maybe you killed the process instantly, then
you have to wait ~2 hours till you can use the license again. Or There must be another server using the license or you tried it to often and do not shutdown the server the right way. All servers get deleted after 2-3 hours from the system, when they did not reply anymore.

Is the same database running on another TeamSpeak Server?