Server Stops after a failing connection with the Accounting Server

Hey there!
When I start my TeamSpeak3 Server the Log entry will be created

2020-03-07 22:49:26.922999|ERROR |Accounting | |Error contacting server SSL_ERROR: Alert on protocol: TLS 1.2 level: fatal error: unsupported_certificate (43)
2020-03-07 22:49:26.962265|ERROR |Accounting | |Error contacting server RESOLVE_ERROR: Der angegebene Host ist unbekannt

This message is in the log around 30 times, after that, the Server stops, in the Client with the Message “Server Shutdown” and in the Log with the message “Could not connect to accounting server after multiple attempts, shutting down server”.

As soon as I connect to my Server I also get the Message that my myTeamSpeak ID is invalid. When I remove my “licensekey.dat” the problem is, in some way, solved.

Logfile: 404 Not Found

This should not happen!
The image shows that there are indeed no records behind the backup domain.

I have no idea why but TeamSpeak keeps dooing this. Maybe they dynamically assign an IP there if something else fail, only speculations though…
Also the certificate is correct

Is your server somehow proxied?
The only idea I have now is that the valid TeamSpeak certificate is not coming through to your server.

Certificat comes through

So you are hosting on your own PC?
What’s the OS?
Has it worked before?

You are right. Though my quoted text are two different statements.


But even though I was not 100% about the reasoning behind this, I ruled out the possibility of this being the problem.

So let’s maybe focus on the actual problem and not discuss any technicalities that ain’t even relevant here.

After Disabling Windows-Defender, nothing changend. Using a Dedicated Server in Frankfurt.

Thought so. Windows Defender is just fine and you should keep it running!
What @FakE meant were 3rd party anti-virus tools.

So you do not know whether or how your connection is proxied?
Assuming you have one specific public IP would most likely mean you are not.

Nope, no proxies

Can’t find where you asked this questions. Still, no need to get mad.
When he says he disabled Windows Defender you can assume he is in fact not running any 3rd party anti-virus software as Windows Defender would otherwise just refer and be practically disabled.

The registry is however not a bad idea.

As it fails to validate the cert and not to make a connection I assume that the cert doesn’t reach the TeamSpeak server properly.

No third party firewall or anti-virus

I cannot find that Key “WinHttp”

When I contact the accounting over the browser, the certificat is valid.

Have a look at this:

Even though TLS 1.2 should be enabled by default it may still be disabled in the image your provider uses. Only the client part should be interesting here.

What do you mean with that? You mean the ISO I used to Server to install WinServer? That’s the Original from Windows.

Ok, then this should not be the issue. But still please have a look at those registry keys.

Well its not that easy when I’m using WinServer 2019 and the Update is for WinServer2012 or below ^^


Betriebssystemname: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
Betriebssystemversion: 10.0.17763 Nicht zutreffend Build 17763
Betriebssystemhersteller: Microsoft Corporation
Betriebssystemkonfiguration: Eigenständiger Server
Betriebssystem-Buildtyp: Multiprocessor Free
Registrierter Benutzer: Windows-Benutzer

HKLM SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Protocols
Have a look there as stated in the link I shared above. This is where you can manually dis/enable TLS1.2 for server and client applications.

Helped, thanks ^^


Since 1 week on our VPS we staretd to have big problems with server shutting down… all ports listed here are OPEN

Windows Server 2019 with Windows Firewall

2021-03-13 19:27:17.277997|ERROR |Accounting | |Error contacting server SSL_ERROR: Alert on protocol: TLS 1.2 level: fatal error: unsupported_certificate (43)
2021-03-13 19:27:21.121491|ERROR |Accounting | |Error contacting server RESOLVE_ERROR: No such host is known
2021-03-13 21:27:16.206949|ERROR |Accounting | |Could not connect to accounting server after multiple attempts, shutting down server