Simpler permission system


My idea is quite simple, I believe…
We know how complex the permissions system is, so thinking about it or simplifying it for new and old users, because we don’t bring something like the simple choice of which groups can access the specific channel just by selecting which groups can access that channel, something basic without so much bureaucracy?

For example…
Today, we still use the permissions system, and that’s exactly what I want to talk about, because we can’t have something more simplified like just choice buttons, something more direct and functional than thousands of permissions whether the group will do it or not.
I understand that this is important, having a permissions system, however, I am referring to the simple server access groups and channels.

And I draw attention to the following, all of us who play online games and use TS3-5 for that, we create fun groups to express jokes, make fun of friends, etc… Groups to have only the visual icon on the server, and it is That’s what I want to talk about too.

Just as we have the option of creating a channel spacer, we could have the option of creating a dead group, just to add an icon, a dead group, without any permissions and that does not interfere with groups with permissions.
Something like:
Create Group, icon only
choose the icon
And another interesting detail would be the channels, when creating or editing a channel, you could have options to choose which groups can access it.
Administration Channel>Edit>Which groups can access this channel>(Selection of groups with powers to access channels) Groups icons only, would not appear here or maybe they would.
When I stop to think about the advancement that TS5 has, compared to TS3, I realize that we have to bring all possible modernity to it, aiming at improving a version 3 program, to version 5, understand me?

But that’s it, I don’t know if it was clear what I wanted to propose, and if something similar has already been proposed, forgive me, life is busy and I didn’t have time to research, I just shared the idea. :slight_smile:

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