Size does not restore from sys tray


Minimizing the client and using mouse 1 on the taskbar will restore the window in the resolution exactly like it was before.

Minimizing the client and using mouse 1 on the system tray will not restore the window in the resolution it was before. Instead the window will be opened up resized/scaled down.



Looks fine here no size does change Not on taskbar or sys tray.
Do you have minimize or close to tray enabled?

Can you please report your issues in own threads in case this is nothing we touched (see change log or my known issues)? I don’'t want to move them out each time.

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Sure, just thought feedback in the main thread is the right place.


“Hide TeamSpeak in Taskbar” is disabled as you can see.

Currently the app is placed on a different screen. This may be the issue?
No matter which option I choose, restoring the app from the system tray always resizes TeamSpeak.

That information is a game changer.

Do both displays have a different size or scaling active?
If the answer is yes then we have that on our list.


Yes they do. A different size and different scaling.

Alright good to know that’s already on the list.
It makes the usage of the tray icon annoying at the moment.

With next client it will be fixed when client was maximized before and was restored via sys tray icon.

I could not see in your report that the client was maximized but i guess it was.
Could not reproduce any other situation where client did not restore size on 2 monitors with different scaling.

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