Skip flag problems

I have this problem where I can´t dissable the “b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions” as it sais that i have insuficient permissions.
The interesting this is that i can copy a server group where its deactivated. Any idea how i can solve this?

Server version 3.3.2 [stable] windows

thanks in advance!


im not really sure what you mean with that, im a noob in the teamspeak thing

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here it is

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okay, thanks for the help :smiley:

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First of all update ur server to the latest version.


its the one im currently on
i did a copy of it to try and edit it but i cant change that thing.

and i cant update the server my self, i bought a permanent server from a website.

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We are sorry but we can not help you to solve the problem on a modified server.
Please contact your host and ask him to install the regular Server from TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak


okay, will try to do that. Thanks for the help

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