Some ideas for TeamSpeak 5

  1. Not intuitive buttons to mute the microphone, turn off the speakers, you have to constantly look for them, I would suggest changing their location.
  2. One click mutes the microphone and turns off the speakers on all servers, it would be better if this happens only on the currently selected server.
  3. In going away you can’t set the text, what we are going to do or for how much we will be.
  4. BBCode does not always work, it’s about setting the size and color of the text in the channel descriptions.
  5. No notification sound from poke on muted speakers, it would be better for the pokes to be displayed in the dialog window instead of chat with text like on ts3.
  6. Can’t set avatar image on servers (or I can’t find this option).

This is only my opinion, but i think a lot of people will agree with me. Best regards.

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