Sometimes my server crashes


sometimes my server crashes. Is there a way for me to analyze the dmp files or should I share them?

Running Ubuntu 20.10, Server Version 3.13.3 for Linux.
There is nothing at the logfiles from the server.

Hello @Xopez

Sure, you can share the dmp files with us.
Maybe a Server Update to the Beta: 3.13.5 could fix your crash.

Please Note: Make a copy of the existing ts3server.sqlitedb to have a backup in case something bad happens… :slight_smile:

I saw it, but i wait a bit for stable release :slight_smile:
And I always have a backup :smiley:
You can download the files here:
The shown filetime should be in UTC.

I can’t read the dump files when there is nothing in the logs then you really should give the beta a try.
You don’t have any risk when you got backups of the database.


I will do that later. I will watch if something like that that happens again.