Speech-to-Text Extension for Teamspeak 5 [Poll]

Hello guys,
I wanted to ask you something. Recently I saw this forum topic =>[Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications<=. Then I realized how much I actually miss the feature. For this reason, I had written myself a small program that performs this task. I had also hinted at this in my post but didn’t write anything else about it. [Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications. After some research I found out that I didn’t find out anything >:) There is no text-to-speech program for Teamspeak 5, so I thought that the demand can’t be that high. For this reason I just wanted to ask who would theoretically get something like this.

The following conditions:

  • An extra program (Must be open)
  • Portable = Everything in one direcotry and no fixed installation

Why I ask this:
I am not good at programming, however I had quickly written a program that can read out all the basics. ( Join channel, mute, messages and theoretically many unnecessary more ). And I would be interested now, whether it would be worthwhile to make everything again, so better performance, easier extensible etc and finally to provide others.

Theoretical functions:

Speech-to-text for:

  • User enters/leaves channel (With user mention)
  • Private, as well as chat messages
  • Own channel mention
  • Sounds for any actions. (Something like a soundpack)²

All the above functions can and would be turned on or off individually. At the moment everything would run in the terminal.
Depending on how fast Teamspeak, how high the interest and how fast I would be maybe a webinterface would make sense.

*² As far as I can access this data of the actions

  • Yes, I would use it
  • I might use it, but would have to look at it first
  • No, I would not use it at all

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  • I look forward to feedback
  • If you have any questions you can write me privately or post your questions here below
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