SRV Record is not working right

Hello there,

i have got a Teamspeak Server Running at my ESXi Host.
The Router is doing the NAT with the default Ports.
I’ve got a Domain registered, the Domain is Pointing on a dynamic IPv4.
The _tsdns.tcp. and _ts3.udp. SRV Records are Set.
The Client finds the right SRV Record for ts3 but still tries to Resolve A/AAAA and TSDNS.
The Establishment of the Connection needs about 4 Seconds of Time.

I’ve changed the A Record, still the same Problem. But why is it even trying TSDNS if it finds the SRV Record first?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The Problem is the Teamspeak Client Resolves the SRV Record, takes 4-5 Seconds to Resolve the A/AAAA/TSDNS Records and then tries Connect to the SRV Record.

You can connect to the Domain by yourself an see how much time flies by until the Connection is established.