SRV Record is not working right

Hello there,

i have got a Teamspeak Server Running at my ESXi Host.
The Router is doing the NAT with the default Ports.
I’ve got a Domain registered, the Domain is Pointing on a dynamic IPv4.
The _tsdns.tcp. and _ts3.udp. SRV Records are Set.
The Client finds the right SRV Record for ts3 but still tries to Resolve A/AAAA and TSDNS.
The Establishment of the Connection needs about 4 Seconds of Time.

The hostname of your A record is a wildcard.
The target of the SRV records is not the wildcard, it’s the TLD name.

You’re missing an A record with your domain name as hostname. IN A

The wildcard replaces all sub-domains which are not specified not your TLD name.

The error appears because the target of a SRV record has to be an A record which is not defined in your case.

I’ve changed the A Record, still the same Problem. But why is it even trying TSDNS if it finds the SRV Record first?

It does always run the whole DNS resolving process except private IP ranges.
It might be possible single/all records got updated and are not pushed to any DNS resolver.

However… what’s the current issue exactly?

The resolving looks fine for me.
Tested your domain through third-party resolvers and I can’t see an issue at least on my side.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The Problem is the Teamspeak Client Resolves the SRV Record, takes 4-5 Seconds to Resolve the A/AAAA/TSDNS Records and then tries Connect to the SRV Record.

You can connect to the Domain by yourself an see how much time flies by until the Connection is established.

Oh that’s your issue. Ok I got it.

See my answer on this thread:

Another suggestion is to remove the TSDNS SRV record.
Unresolvable seems to be faster at least for me.

Unfortunately there’s nothing else you can do.

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