Status does not save

Status issue

Changing your status to Available, Away, Do not disturb or a custom one will be saved and restored if you open up TeamSpeak 5 again.
Selecting the status Invisible won’t be saved and restored at the next session.
After closing and opening the app if Invisible was selected before your status will be Available.

That should be fixed.
If I choose Invisible I wanna be invisible until I change my mind.


This is by design to avoid other issues with wrong status in Matrix.

The server stores the last status for ~60 seconds forgets it when no client did send any ping.
On client start the client asks for last status on server and when there is none it sets you as online.

We had that topic internally more than once and decided to use it that way for now. Does not mean that we leave it as it is when Matrix did update theirs.

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