Staying in Teamspeak fixed version


Can I stay in a fixed version on the Teamspeak 5 Client? Client version changes when I close and open. and when will Teamspeak 5 be fully released?

Try to run TeamSpeak as administrator generally or at least while the client update is happening.
Your client version should be static after - for now at BETA 25 - until the next update.

@Rikku i did not understand what you said

Making updates in Teamspeak 3 is optional or can be turned off completely. Is this possible in Teamspeak 5?

Yes, by not clicking the update button. (I had to do all updates manually until now)

Where exactly can you describe this setting in Teamspeak 5?

Just do not do anything.
The client will not update itself.
But why would you not get the updates?

I do not want to make the first updates in a beta program. It automatically downloads Updates even if I do nothing. It is updated when I close and open Teamspeak 5.

There is no way doing this atm.
I guess you could remove the patcher application from the install dir.
But I really see no reason.

I guess you could remove the patcher application from the install dir.

What do you mean here?

If you don’t know, don’t do it!
This is neither tested nor recommended.
There is no way of doing this.

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Nobody understands what you mean :))

It is not possible.

Is that too hard to grasp?

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We don’t give for that here on our forum.

We’d like that our users have the latest client running.

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