Strange Admin on the Public Teamspeak?

Hello how are you guys,I have been concerned with this question since today.Who is this Stranger Admin on the Public Teamspeak? Is this a Developer or a Technical Stuff or whatever. I Ask this because this guy is since 7 years on the Public and i dont know him or any kind of informations.

i got inspired by @Cornelius


Which Public Teamspeak do you mean? Do you talk about ? Well this server is kinda dead.
No idea who’s running this server at the moment, the only thing I know that this server is only used for demonstration purposes… I guess the admins there are pretty strange, because they’re keeping themselves secret or hidden. :thinking:

There’s a mysterious person behind this server. :face_with_monocle:

Next to the public server, there’s also an official community server which is administered by numerous volunteers which are also not employees of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. (


At first, why did you mention me? We hadn’t and we will never have anything to do with each other…

Anyway I think admins off the Official TeamSpeak Public Test / Community Server will never be unmasked. :male_detective:
But as I see that servers are currently online since 3 hours, I would guess the “strange” admin is an employee of TeamSpeak Systems and has updated the servers.

After all as @MCG said, it’s still a mystery.

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