Stuck in safemode not sure how to get out of it

So I put on safe mode so I could open TeamSpeak for something and then I go and try to remove it and it won’t let me it just says I’m in it still when I’ve removed it from the properties.

Double and triple check that you are not using any shortcut with that parameter.

There is no way to be stuck in safemode as long you do not use the parameter on start.


where can I go to find that out?

ok I think I am out of safe mode however my TeamSpeak keeps crashing on start up still. Is there a way I can remove the plug in thats making it crash

To do this, basically enter safe mode once again and delete every third-party plugin you have installed. Yes, you heard me right, enter safe mode again to remove faulty plugin.

As now you know how to enter it and then exit, it should be piece of cake for you now.


I figured it out I just went to app data and deleted the plugin that way. I also now know why it wanted to crash on me

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