Suggestion for a TS3 setting to be brought to TS5

Dear developement team,

in TS3, you allowed users to toggle “keyboard and mouse only” in the hotkey settings. This allowed me to have a very convenient mute and deafen hotkey layout. Unfortunately, TS5 does not offer this anymore and broke my year long hotkey setup. Its a small detail but I would welcome if you could bring it back. :slight_smile:

Thank you


For understanding: I used ALT GR as mute and STRG (CTRL) for deafen. With the “keyboard and mouse only” setting, this would work flawless. If I switched it to default, ALT GR would activate both mute and deafen. In TS5, as this setting does not exist, the issue described is exactly what happens.
Again, small little detail but massive quality of life for me.

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