Suggestion for channels reservations

Hi there, first, thanks a lot for the TS5 development. Hard but necessary.

My suggestion is :

Is it possible to consider allowing certain server groups to be authorized on channels. This would be in the form of a drop-down menu in the parameters of each channel in order to select the desired groups. In the background, only members of certain groups with permission to bypass this restriction will be able to join these reserved channels. This would allow so many more options for managing, isolation for matchups, chats, recruiting, to be able to invite opposite clans, etc. This transparently, configurable on instant.

Thanks again. Cordially.

There was already this possibility in the old rights system, although there was only one permission entry and no dropdown. Or do I misunderstand you?

You understood, no dropdown menu is present to select server groups on channels. What I suggest. Fast, Easy, Replicable on instant.

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