Suggestion for Teamspeak team

I’ve been using Teamspeak for a while now, and find it has a lot of advantages over Mumble which I was used to and never found terrible.

Teamspeak is excellent software, I think it’s great that you can easily set up your own personal server locally on your PC, but I find Teamspeak’s policy too restrictive.

Let me explain: 32 users for a free server is really too little. 50 would already be more correct, 100 even better.

The price for gamer licenses, $55 per year for 64 users, sorry but I find it overpriced, especially if you host your own server. At this price if we had 200-500 users it would be correct, especially when opposite we have server rentals with 1000 users for $2 per month.

I understand that Teamspeak is a company that needs to make money, and I’m not refusing to pay, but this is overpriced. Already you have to pay for the app on mobile… We have the impression that the company got stuck 15 years ago and thinks that it is still the leader, whereas today many are deserting ( wrongly) Teamspeak to go on discord (which I hate), and indeed even if I think it’s a fad, when a community of a hundred, 200 people needs an app to chat with each other , it’s more towards Teamspeak than they should turn to because the prices are exorbitant. And they turn to other solutions. And in my humble opinion, building TS5 to Discord-like won’t change anything and won’t bring anyone back. Only absolute fans will remain, and businesses, but will that be enough to keep the business going?

Of course Teamspeak offered the non-profit licenses not so long ago, and of course there have been abuses. But aren’t these famous abuses an excuse for having removed these licenses in order to make easy profit by making everyone pay by offering a free service which is only there to say that it exists but which in the end is not suitable not many people?

Be careful, Teamspeak is no longer “all alone” (so to speak) and no longer a leader in its market, the competition (even if I personally don’t like this competition) is there and is eating up market share. it’s time for Teamspeak to get their act together and come up with a better deal.

Here is my opinion, which is worth what it is worth, but which takes an outside look since I am new.


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