[Suggestion] Forced update clients

I thinking…
It would be an option in server to force client to update in the following form:
User want to join the server, and the update available window is pop up with a message what the server owner set.
If the user accept the update they connect to the server after update is done, if he dont accept he can’t connect to the server.
I know there is a option to set the minimal client version, but i think it would be nice if there an option for this.
I think this is a little more sophisticated solution

Isn’t this exactly the same as what minimal version does? If you set it high enough and people try to connect on an older version it will prompt them to update.


I say that Teamspeak should do as a discord as soon as you launch Teamspeak it launches the update! there are some who still have the Teamspeak version for 1 year and they still haven’t updated I think it’s not too normal!

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