[SUGGESTION] Full blocking

Similar to many other platforms, a full block should be able to be placed on users which would prohibit all forms of communication that they may have, since all users should have the right to prevent communication with someone else.

A blocked user shouldn’t be able to do any of the following things:

  • Poke
  • Send private messages
  • Speak in voice channels
  • Any other possible forms of communication

Discord has a feature which shows a blocked users messages as hidden rather than just hiding them entirely in servers, which would also be useful for filling in gaps in conversation, but shouldn’t be shown by default. It would also be good if blocking didn’t have to be done via contacts, like it is in Teamspeak 3, but should also still include the ability to toggle which parts of the block are enabled (ie. by default all forms of communication are blocked, but the user can go to a “blocked users” setting and edit specific users blocked in order to enable different communication types).

Useful feature on top of this, but not really a necessity, would be block reasons, so that a user can (in cases of people in bigger servers) put a reason on a block to make sure that people remember why they blocked users when they have a large list of banned users.

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u can mute or block the users…
if u mute u cant hear him but the user can send pm …etc
if u block the user why want to communicate with him?
sry, i think this text is a little messy for me, i dont quite understand what you want

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As @Stefan92 said, you already can block anyone you want and also you can do it so that this person can send you messages, but cannot talk to or poke you.

Well, it’s AFAIK only in TS3 right now, but these settings should pass over to TS5.

As to hiding messages, this can be good. But in my opinion it should look like this:

If you set someone to hide his/her messages, they should look either like this:
Blocked user: hidden text here,
so you need to hover over them or like this:

Blocked user:

Blocked user’s message.

so you need to click on it.

In case you set that someone cannot send you messages, you won’t see his/her on any chat. At all.

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