[Suggestion] Ignore Client Version

How about give us a Permission like ignore_client_version to connect?

In this Moment on my Server is 3.5.2 set as Minimum cuz:
1.) The Compatibility to 3.12.1 Server-Version.
2.) To force my Users to update their Client.

The Problem: TS5 Beta 24 is unable to connect cuz of an older Timestamp.

I think at least ServerAdmins should able to connect over TS5 with an Permission like that.


Did someone from the teamspeak team read this?

Would like to have a response. :slight_smile:

Well, Staff’s reading forum. Maybe not always answering, but they’re reading. There’s no need to bump topics for no reason.

Instead I would rather see 2 seperate permissions for client versions, ts3 and5

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