Suggestion | Move badges

Hello dear TeamSpeak Team,

I have a little suggestion for you here. I would love it if you can move badges to another account. Of course, at your own risk.

Best regards, kleinerblue

i dont think its a good idea :confused:


Bad idea!
That’s the point, badges are like achievements. It’s not fair having a lot achievements on a new account. Why would you use another account? You can always change your username or email adress.


I also don’t agree with this idea.

Badges should be earned for the accounts which you used for it, and that’s it.

And why would you like to move badges?
To a giveaway? Sell them? something else.

Otherwise for example: Badges like “Addon Developer” would also cause some problems, if you move them to another account which is not linked to the myTeamSpeak addon creator site.