[Suggestion] Permissions system, Chat, Channel Icons, Poke Notifications

Hello everyone,

as I was looking into the all-new Teamspeak, I recognized some things I want to make suggestions about.
First of all the Permissions System and regarding stuff.
I am used to get options like change description and set avatar, channel commander and talk leader (german: Gesprächsleiter(dunno the exact translation)). I wan’t to suggest to implement those features like they are in the ts3 client.
The change to where you automaticaly get the permission dialog where you can check the ranks is really nice but I miss the option to view and edit the ranks and user based permissions at all. And I would like to get the same amount of options to manage permissions as in the ts3 advanced permissions.
And also I hope there will be added a overview like the ban list, the complaint list, the server query login and the server Protokol. Beacause as an owner of an Ts3 Server (hosted by myself) these functions are very handy to get an overview of what is going on.

At next I miss the the global server chat because for me its a very useful function to see what is going on live and send maintenace announcements to all on the server.

Then the next thing I don’t really like is the way how icons with trancparancy are viewd. So on my server nearly all icons have these transparancy and because of that they are really hard to see.

And now last but not least I miss the sound beeing played when I get poked and the little window poping up. Even this might be old style I would like to customize it to my preferences.

If you can correct me with my topics please be kind and tell me what I might mention wrong. Thanks.