Suggestion: Polls embedded in global chats

540x312, 60%540x312, 60%

540x312, 60%540x312, 60%

Link to images

Creation “menu” of a poll

462x500, 100%

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What the polls could look like in chat

If the team does not want to give feedback publicly or at all that that is fine to me, but it would mean a lot to me if anyone would do so here or privately (via the client). I can also provide the .Ai file if needed.


looking pretty clean. I like it!

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How about a Voting System, were you can Post a Strawpoll in the Server Channel or for the whole Server?

I see endless possibilities on how the it can be. Maybe even more indepth with Pictures/Videos and so on.

What are your thoughts? or is something like this already in it but I cant find it?



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Depending when Matrix finished it, we may add this feature for chats in future.