Suggestion | Screen Sharing & Video Support

Hey everyone!

So here is why I think screen sharing is a necessary feature in TS5:
Now (in this crisis) more than ever people look for a replacement for social and work interaction.
I have been an avid TS3 user and like to use TS5 in the future BUT it’s not only my decision to make.
Most people choose the platform which offers the most features and the simplest experience. More than ever users use video to socialize and work together. Because of that my friends switched to Discord, so I had to too, although Teamspeak offers better voice quality and privacy.

Sure you can use Skype, TeamViewer, … for screen sharing / video chat, but at the end the situation is more difficult for the end user than it has to be. The now popular video-conferencing platform Zoom didn’t gain a huge market share because it was the best product, but because it was the simplest.

I get that a lot want to keep TS5 a lightweight application and I think that it doesn’t have to be a main feature with loads of options, but now in respect of those who look for simple communication I believe TS5 shouldn’t be restricted to voice communication only.


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