[Suggestion] Useful features of TeamSpeak 5

Good afternoon, I would like to suggest some features for teampeak 5, sorry if there are translation errors. I work as a system administrator and I often have to work with users remotely, for this I have to use other software that often loses the image quality a lot, and the built-in RDP system requires opening ports. I would like to suggest the ability to screen sharing and separate remote desktop control with user permission. You can use something like RDP built into Windows for this. This will allow you to conveniently communicate and help the user at any time remotely. Why RDP? Most of all I liked it because of the good picture quality and a small delay. as far as i know microsoft has an api for it.
Thus, you can interest teampeak 5 not only for ordinary users, but also for a large number of companies. If there is a need, then I can offer a few more ideas, write it down in the comments. Thanks for attention.


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