[Suggestions] Room Inactivity / Adding Groups

My suggestion for teamspeak 5 is to make permission/function to delete rooms after certain time in seconds of inactivity (when there was nobody in the room for example 8000 seconds, then it will be deleted automatically).

Another suggestion is to create permission/function with which anyone could assign groups to themselves (for example someone will join on my server and there are groups like CS:GO player, PUBG player, etc, so he can add himself in group, but he shouldn’t be able to add anyone else in these groups, it’s not possible right now).


We use this on our server , we have bot for this task.
Our bot delete channels if nobody entered for 2 weeks.
It’s Will be nice if this function implemented.


@Un1TySK That is actually already possible with the TeamSpeak3 client.
When you create a temporary room, you can assign a remove delay in the advanced settings tab.

Behaving exactly like you described.

not exactly…
read… i spoke permanent channels and this function for temporary channels …

Yes exactly that. Any channel that can be auto-deleted will be temporary and not permanent!

That was simply not the question.

Actually both his feature requests are already implemented and / or could be easily done by configuring your permissions correctly.
There is no need to over engineer something, only to implement/ simplify some minor detail.

ok, i just say we have a server since 2014 (600-800 user and 1081 permanent channel).
we have a bot to do the unused channel delete function and do it after 2 week if nobody entered the room.
so if we need to change all channel settings … so yeah… big work…