Suggestions TS5

Add server log, add sound to the poke again cause now the poke is useless without the sound and add an option to change the background of TS.


My own;

When clicking on a channel (after joining the server), the info page is the initial page? Dislike that, make chat the initial page and make info optional. Alternative: Make chat icon more visible/accessible. It is to the top right but move it and make it bigger.

Second: When changing settings of anything, one normally works their way down. Yet I have to divert my eyes back up top to notice the confirm tick? Put it at the bottom of the editing info menu. It’s justa default eye area for it.

In short, those options shouldn’t be to the far right. Not much info is put there in many applications, especially chat applications. Their placement and presence is not of high enough priority.

My initial thoughts were, when wanting to text chat: Where is the chat box? I had to look for it. How do I apply channel settings? Not at the bottom, look up to the right? Not my initial looking area.

And third, which has been surely requested to death by now: Uploading images from computer and/or via link into text. Don’t want or desire a prepared selection or specific service.

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TS server surcurity of VPN users

can system ID like serial # of CPU be used for TS to ID user instead of IP ?

this will stop the VPN spoofing

also can ADMIN sign-in PWD be changed to a digital signed image in stead of text, will keep more surcure and faster managing server admin