Team Speak 5 server DL

I might be blind, but on the DL page, I can’t find a TS 5 server to download.
Am I just blind, or does it not exist yet?

They already exit, but are not publicly available or downloadable.

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From what I can tell, I’m in the beta, but I still can’t find the DL for it.

That includes beta users, as they are only available for the team to test.

The badge for it beta users, is the “test” one, right?

Yes that is the beta badge.

But the server is not available for anyone except the team (and a few hand picked testers) to test.


Leon already explained it in one sentence.

You can not find any TS5 server to download yet.


Ah, like that. I just misunderstood it :slight_smile:

Is there anything public available about when the TS 5 server could become available?

nope, you will see it when it is official published.

You can now create your own TeamSpeak 5 Server using Docker.

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Does this mean the server is available now?

Yes, but only for testing. Be careful :slight_smile:

That’s not a problem at all :slight_smile: Just wanted to know. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

For the first i apologies if someone have already asked recently, i wanted to know if there is still a way to get an access to Team Speak Server 5 download

I have my Tester badge on Team Speak 5 and can setup a homebase.

Someone can told me if i can do something else for having an access to Server 5 now ?

Thanks in advance, you’re all amazing ! :herb: :sparkling_heart:

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