TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.3

Today we released the stable version 3.5.3.

This version will fix reported client freezes, crashes and one BUG where AGC was reset for talking users.

Here is the full change log:

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020
- Fixed a client freeze
- Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client's AGC state
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

Change log shows 07 May because we delayed this version some days. Please do not report this as a bug ;D


Thanks for the fixes.



Thanks :upside_down_face:


Thanks a lot!

That client freeze is (hopefully “was”) really insidious. You don’t even realize that it has frozen until you try clicking anywhere because everyone went silent.

I briefly switched to Mumble because of it, but it turned out that Teamspeak’s Echo Cancellation is much better (and has a lot more nice features in general) :blush:

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AGC ist still broken for me in 3.5.3. Who else has still the same problem?


Its work fine to me.

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Did the update and as soon as i launch Ts5 (even if im not connected to a server), I get this “error” voice sound from teamspeak every few seconds … And it doesnt stop. Not able to use Ts5 anymore :cry:

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This is a workaround :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. If you have any other Questions or Problems feel free to ask us all. :slight_smile:

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