Teamspeak 3 Login after fresh Windows installation


maybe someone can help me. I did a fresh reinstall of windows, downloaded Teamspeak 3 and logged into the client. Usualy my fav list appeared as it was before the fresh windows installation since it’s saved on my Teamspeak account and thus cloud based, right? At least that was the case the years before.

Isn’t that the case anymore? If not is there a way to manually add all the server again via a config file or something like that? I’ve a save copy of my appdata folder etc. if the server list and server rights are saved there…

Thanks in advance!

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You can backup your bookmarks including other settings like hotkeys, contacts, etc by simply backing up the settings.db file.

To backup your bookmarks etc. copy your appdata/roaming/ts3client folder there

To do so you have to have your identity exported

Thanks guys for your replies.

So I’ve copy pasted my old appdata/roaming/ts3client folder and it worked, got all my contacs, server, passwords, server rights etc.

I also logged into teamspeak with my email and have sync enabled. It tells me that my acc is linked with twitch etc. as it was before so that’s great news. Even my profile pic is there. Only thing I’m missing now are my badges. I still have them on my myteamspeak website but my badge list is empty.

Also I still have my old identity key saved aswell but in options -> savety -> edit identities I can’t copy paste my old identity link there and just create new ones. So is there a way to import it?

Back then I remember I only had to login and everything was as it was before. Not sure why it didn’t work this time.

You still can import the old exported identities.
Just open the identity manager under Tools.
Now make a right click into the list and import feature should appear. Then choose your ini file.

You’re right I can import stuff that way, thanks. But I haven’t exported my account (beside copy pasting my appdata) since I didn’t know it’s possible nor necessary because for me it looks redundand: We can log into the client which already proves our identity, so why having this additionally? That beeing said I have my login email, password and even the individual hash identitiy ID so it would be really bad in programming and userfriendly standpoint if I couldn’t recover the badges… Thing is for me it’s all not intuitive and I really need help of people who know more about it. :confused:

You badges are bound to your account and cannot be lost. Did you reset your password in order to login on your new installation?

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If you did a passwort reset for your myTeamSpeak Account, then please take have a look into this Thread:

Hello. As I said I have access to the account, logged into it on the homepage and on the client. I have those badges on the website but not in the client.

I haven’t changed the password tho.

then you need to check ”Enable myTeamSpeak features” in client.
And then make sure your login in client is still valid and that you get no errors about the myTSID in your client log.

Hm I can’t find “enable myteamspeak features”, can you tell me in what Tab it is?
It also tells me that I’m connected as RaimaNd in green text and my Twitch integration is also active.
When I log into one of our ts3 server I get this message:
<12:37:58> Der TeamSpeak Server konnte Ihre myTeamSpeak ID nicht validieren. Nicht alle myTeamSpeak Services sind verfügbar.
<12:37:58> Neu verbinden könnte das Problem lösen.

Basically is says that not all myteamspeak services are available … which kinda sounds like I have to enable it what you said. ^^ But where?

Edit: I think I found that. It’s called “TeamSpeak Konto Funktionen”, yes it’s enabled:

You can find the myTeamSpeak Features setting in your bookmark settings tab.

But if the server can not validate your myTeamSpeak ID, then you need to check if the server is working correctly.

→ If this is not your server, you may check if it is a modified server. If so I would recommend switching to a non modified server.

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Note: If there are no Badges in client (i mean in the account settings or options in TS3) then you are logged in into your account but you account encryption was changed by a password reset.

Aaaand you will not get anything back till you enter your recovery key.

I write this again because everything i read here looks like the client wants to have that key.


Okay and where can I enter my recovery key? Out of the programming perspective I also don’t understand why it has to be that complicated. I’m into IT stuff myself and usually it’s common that the client gets the data same as the homepage and those badges are on the website profile. It also doesn’t have a common 2FA linked to the email adress/phone number etc. and it’s not obvious and intuitive where and how to get access to everything around the profile again.

Easy to explain. We do not have access to anything you sync. Only you with the recovery have access.

The website is build to show the basic stuff without your synced data.
The client works with your synced data and the service will only start when encryption is fine and has no problems. And ye we include badges to not show up as long your account wasn’t fixed.